Sr.No. PI Name Title of Project Funding Agency Funding Amount ( Million) Date of Approval
1 Dr. Tahir Izhar Development of Hybrid Solar Inverter HEC/TDF 11.54 02-May-2019
2 Dr. Muhammad Tahir Target Location Finder :2D/ 3D Acoustic Target Locating System HEC/TDF 8.68 02-May-2019
3 Dr. Muhammad Tahir Automatic Detection And Localization Of People Buried Under Rubble In Post-Disaster Scenarios HEC/TDF 8.22 02-May-2019
4 Waqar Mahmood Design and Development of an Automatic, Robotized and Portable Cleaning System for Solar Photovoltaic Plants HEC/TDF 1.88 02-Oct-2018
5 Muhammad Usman Ghani Khan VR Based Neurogaming for Mindfulness in Children and ADHD Patients HEC/TDF 4.79 07-Sep-2018
6 Tania Habib Local Language Speech Interfaces for Banking Sector of Pakistan HEC/TDF 4.04 07-Sep-2018
7 Khurshid Aslam Bhatti Energy Extraction by Safe Disposal of Municipal Waste Using Nanotechnology HEC/TDF 6.60 07-Sep-2018
8 Tahir Izhar Gadget (Testbench) Development for Water Pump/Agricultural Tubewell Energy Efficiency Measurement and Improvement HEC/TDF 5.99 03-Sep-2018
9 Maria Idrees Production of Special Cement Incorporating Polymer Additives for High Performance Application HEC/TDF 10.93 09-May-2018
10 Muhammad Mohsin Sustainable, Water, Chemical and Cost-Efficient Textile Bleaching HEC/TDF 6.65 09-May-2018
11 Sarmad Hussain Automatic Pakistani Postal Addresses Recognition and Parcel Routing HEC/TDF 4.62 09-May-2018
12 Waqar Mahmood Design and Development of Capacity Tester for Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Batteries as Per IEEE Standard 1188 HEC/TDF 1.41 09-May-2018


Sr.No. PI Name Title of Project Funding Agency Funding Amount ( Million) Date of Approval
1 Hafiz Muhammad Zaheer Aslam Development of Fly Ash Based Adsorbent and ITS Application in Environmental Remediation HEC/NRPU 1.76 07-Oct-2019
2 Ammad Hasan Khan Urban Design, Congestion & Mass Transit Network: What Needs to be Done HEC/NRPU 1.78 27-Sep-2019
3 Ammad Hassan Khan Fatigue and Rutting Evaluation of Asphalt Mixes Subjected to Repeated Loads-Innovation for Pavements of Pakistan HEC/NRPU 7.78 27-Sep-2019
4 Masood Ul Hassan Farooq Defect Engineering of Oxide Based Nanomaterials for their Improved Photocatalytic Performance and Environmental Applications HEC/NRPU 7.22 03-July-2019
5 Dr. Tania Habib Urdu Voice Enabled Assistive Technologies for Print Disabled Community of Pakistan HEC/NRPU 3.30 27-Mar-2019
6 Syed Zaheer Abbas Mathematical Modelling of H2 Production VIA Sorption Enhanced Chemical Looping Steam Methane Reforming (SE-CLSR) In A Fluidized Bed Reactor HEC/NRPU 1.52 14-Mar-2019
7 Asif Ali Qaiser Synthesis, characterization and module fabrication of novel intrinsically conducting polymers membranes for heavy metal removal from drinking water employing low-pressure nanofiltartion HEC/NRPU 5.59 14-Mar-2019
8 Farooq Ahmad Microfabrication and Characterization of CMOS-MEMS Sensor for Capnometric Applications HEC/NRPU 6.42 14-Mar-2019
9 H M Shahzad Asif Crop Yield Forecasting using Satellite and Land Data HEC/NRPU 1.29 14-Mar-2019
10 Rashid Hameed Development of Pavers and Masonry Blocks by 100% Recycling of Waste Concrete: A Way Forward to Sustainable Developmen HEC/NRPU 4.11 14-Mar-2019
11 Muhammad Sajid Kamran Combined Thermal and MSF Desalination HEC/NRPU 10.01 14-Mar-2019
12 Muhammad Iqbal Self-organization of magnetized plasmas HEC/NRPU 0.47 14-Mar-2019
13 Muhammad Faheem Development of Low-Cost Catalyst for the Hydrogenolysis of Glycerol to Propanediols HEC/NRPU 15.39 14-Mar-2019
14 Hamayoun Mahmood Ionic Liquids Assisted Extraction of Cellulose-Rich Fiber (CRF) from Agro-Industrial Waste to Manufacture Biocomposite Panels HEC/NRPU 5.66 14-Feb-2019
15 Yasir Majeed Optimization of Pillar Size and Stability Evaluation of Selected Rock Salt Mines in the Salt Range Punjab HEC/NRPU 4.93 14-Feb-2019
16 Hafiz Muhammad Awais Rashid Investigation of Low Cost Barrier Materials for Solid Waste Disposal Sites of Pakistan HEC/NRPU 5.24 14-Feb-2019
17 Muhammad Aslam Group Work Platform for Visually Impaired People HEC/NRPU 2.87 14-Feb-2019
18 Atif Bilal Aslam Multilocational Householding: A Study of Homeless People in Lahore HEC/NRPU 1.01 14-Feb-2019
19 Syed Abdul Rahman Kashif Design and Development of Distributed Microgrid Testbed HEC/NRPU 3.66 14-Feb-2019
20 Muhammad Asif Rafiq Development and Characterization of Lead Free Sodium Bismuth Titanate (NBT) Based Piezoceramics HEC/NRPU 16.04 14-Feb-2019
21 Ata Ur-Rehman Intelligent Multimodel Bayesian Tracking for Wide Area Survelliance and Automated Behaviour Analysis HEC/NRPU 6.33 14-Feb-2019
22 Majid Hussain Some non-Newtonian fluids flows over a permeable stretching wedge/surface HEC/NRPU 0.33 08-Feb-2019
23 Shahab Saqib Development of Modified Scaled Distance to Control Ground Vibration for Selected Limestone Quarries of Punjab HEC/NRPU 4.90 01-Jan-2019
24 Ali Raza Probabilistic Marker-less Motion Capture System for Bio-centered Applications HEC/NRPU 11.96 24-Dec-2018
25 Muhammad Farooq Ahmed Landslide Hazards Evaluation Study of Gilgit-Hunza and Astore River Basins, Gilgit Balistan, Pakistan Using Gis & Remote Sensing Tools HEC/NRPU 2.52 24-Dec-2018
26 Waseem Muhammad Drought and Agricultural Production Nexuses in Punjab: Historical Patterns, Spatiotemporal Variability and Probabilistic Projection HEC/NRPU 2.64 12-Nov-2018
27 Asif Nadeem Tabish Flood Water Tratment through Electrolysis HEC/NRPU 3.14 12-Nov-2018
28 Ghalib Asadullah Shah Hybrid Power Monitoring and Control System HEC/NRPU 3.19 23-Oct-2018
29 Muhammad Asim Way to Achieving Resillience: Social Impact Assessment of Flood Disaster Effected Communities in Southern Punjab HEC/NRPU 1.04 16-Oct-2018
30 Safeer Abbas Mitigation of Alkali-Silica Reaction in Concrete Structures using Waste Materials: a Sustainable Approach HEC/NRPU 4.50 26-Sep-2018
31 Muhammad Zubair Abu Bakar Evaluation of the Effects of Varyring Impeller Hardness and Material on Icpc Rock Abrasivity Test HEC/NRPU 2.08 02-Jun-2018
32 Sajjad Ahmad Design and Development of Balanol based New Anti-Cancer Drugs Using One-Pot Tandem Process HEC/NRPU 3.51 07-Jun-2018
33 Waqar Mahmood Implementation of Optimal Energy Consumption and Distributed Energy Generation Strategy HEC/NRPU 8.84 21-Jun-2018


Sr.No. PI Name Title of Project Funding Agency Funding Amount ( Million) Date of Approval
1 Maria Idrees Exploring Different Polymers as the Concrete Additives HEC/SRGP 0.44 27-Sep-2018
2 Sajid Iqbal Foundational Platform for Investigating Nonlinear Dynamics in Physical Systems HEC/SRGP 0.41 22-Jan-2018
3 Dr. Aashir Waleed Low Cost 3D Nanostructured Devices for Energy Efficient biomedical applications HEC/SRGP 0.49 03-May-2018
4 Ali Hussain Kazim Waste heat recovery from automobiles using tandem solid-liquid thermoelectric HEC/SRGP 0.39 06-Apr-2018


Sr.No. PI Name Title of Project Funding Agency Funding Amount ( Million) Date of Approval
1 Dr. Asif Ali Qaiser Fabrication and Characterization of Novel Nanocomposites Based Proton Exchage Membranes Modified with Electroactive Polymers for Enhanced Performance and Stability in Fuel Cell Technology Pak Turk Researchers Mobility Grant Program (Phase-II) 2.13 26-Feb-2019
2 Dr. Sajjad H. Sheikh Mechanical Type Wastewater Treatment Plant for RECP Tayyip Erdogan hospital Public Health Engineering Division Muzafargarh 0.66 09-Mar-2018
3 Dr. Usman Ghani Synthesizing Input data for primitive Types in Embedded C Programs National Engineering & Scientific Commission 0.15 23-Feb-2018
4 Dr. Maria Idrees Effect of Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCM) on Calcium Aluminates Cements (CAC) Mortars at different Curing Temperatures Pak Turk Researchers Mobility Grant Program (Phase-I) 1.85 24-Jan-2018
5 Dr. Tauseef Aized Experimental Investigations of ICT-enabled robotized manufacturing system with 3-D Printing Pak Turk Researchers Mobility Grant Program (Phase-I) 2.22 24-Jan-2018
6 Dr Fazal Ahmad Khalid Key Technologies and application foundation for ultrasonic processing of soft and brittle composites structure with large-scale complex profile National Natural Science Foundation China 4.18 22-Nov-2017
7 Naveed Ramzan Sponsorship for Establishment of State of the art Fuel/Gas Analysis lab at the Department of Chemical engineering, University of Engineering and Technology Lahore SNGPL 15.00 07-Sep-2018


Sr.No. Center Name Lab Name Funding Agency Funding Amount ( Million) Date of Approval
1 National Centre of Artificial Intelligence (NCAI) Intelligent Criminology Lab HEC/PC1 97.55 13-Jun-2018
2 National Centre in Cyber Security (NCCS) IOT Security Lab HEC/PC1 96.10 13-Jun-2018
3 National Centre in Robotics and Automation (NCRA) Human Centered Robotics Lab HEC/PC1 65 14-Jun-2018
4 National Centre in Big Data and Cloud Computing (NCBC) Language Engineering Lab HEC/PC1 72.42 25-Jun-2018