Lab Name Equipment Quantity
Visual Inspection Table 01
Sun Simulator 01
Electroluminescence Tester 01
Module Breakage Tester 01
Hail Impact Machine 01
Salt Mist Corrosion Chamber 01
Water Spray Equipment 01
Mechanical Load Machine 01
UV Preconditioning Chamber 01
Thermal Chamber 01
Programmable Insulation Voltage Tester 01
Impulse Voltage Tester 01
Electrostatic Discharge Simulator 01
Accessibility Test Probe 01
Solar Cell Simulator 01
Solar Cell Scribing Machine 01
Solar PV Module Laminator 01
Solar PV Module Framing and Locking Machine 01
Small Scale Manual Tabbing Assembly 01
Gonio-photometer 01
Spectro-Radiometer 01
Power Analyzer 01
Battery Tester 01
Thermal Imager 01

Lab Name Equipment Quantity
Graduate Research Lab Gas Chromatograph Shimadzu GC-2014 01
FTIR (Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy) 01
HPLC (High-performance liquid chromatography ) Skyray 310. 01
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer 01
Ozone Aging Testing Machine 01
CHNS Analyzer 01
Bomb Calorimeter 01
Smith 01
Ion Selective Electrode for Water Analysis 01
UV spectrometer (single beam) 01
Digital Sieve Shaker 01
Lab Name Equipment Quantity
STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING LAB 10 Ton Buckton Machine for Torsion, Shear and bending Test 01
50 Ton Denison Universal Testing Machine (UTM) 01
50 Ton Shimadzu UTM 01
50 Ton Shimadzu UTM 01
Impact Testing Machine 01
100 Ton Buckton UTM 01
Hardness Testing Machine 01
Fatigue Testing Machine 01
200 Ton Shimadzu UTM 01
100 Ton Shimadzu UTM (Fully computer controlled equipped with data acquisition system) 01
Reaction Frames 02
300 Ton Denison Compression Testing Machine 01
200 Ton Amsler UTM 01
Mohr & Federhaff AG UTM 01
100 Ton Freesia MACROSS Compression Testing Machine 01
Furnace (1500°C) 01
Accelerograph 01
Controlled Temperature Curing Tank 01
Concrete Mixture (2cft capacity) 01
High Speed Concrete Mixture 01
Vibrating Table 01
Concrete Permeability Testing Machine 01
Mortar Mixture 02
Sieve Shaker 01
Oven (200°C) 01
Mortar Cube Vibrating Machine 01
Concrete Pre-stressing bed (For Beams) 01
Core Cutter for Sand Replacement Apparatus 04
Oven (1000°C) 01
CBR Testing Machine 02
Rock Cutter 01
Consolidation Testing Machine 05
Sieve Shaker 01
Direct Shear Testing Machine (Digital) 03
Relative Density Apparatus 01
Liquid Limit Apparatus 06
Tri-axial Testing Machine 03
Automatic Compaction Machine 02
Permeability Test (Constant and Falling Head) 02
Plate Load Testing Setups 01
SPT Testing Setup 01
Sieve Shaker 02
Asphalt Mixture 01
Los Angeles Abrasion Machine 01
Coarse Aggregates Sieve Shaker 01
Skid Resistance Tester 01
Viscometer 01
Asphalt Softening Point testing Apparatus 01
Penetrometer 01
Bitumen Flash and Fire Point Testing Setup 01
Marshall Stability Test Apparatus 01
Pelton Wheel Turbine 01
Double Stage Centrifugal Pump 01
Tilting Flume 01
Fluid Friction Apparatus 01
Hydraulic Bench 04
Wind Tunnel 01
Red-wood Viscometer 01
Sediment Transport Study Apparatus 01
Pelton Wheel and Reaction Turbine (Digital) 01
Weather station 01
Cavitation demonstration unit 01
Ground water resistivity apparatus 01
Spectroradiometer 01
CONCRETE LAB Digital Schmidt Hammer 01
High performance ultra-pulse velocity tester 01
Concrete Scanner 01
Blaine’s Air permeability Apparatus 01
Heat of Hydration Apparatus (Developed by Dr. Burhan Sharif with the support of EE Deptt UET Lahore) 01
Electrical Furnace Computerized furnace (max temp range 1100°C) 01
Universal testing machines 03
Permeability Apparatus 01

Lab Name Equipment Quantity
High Voltage Testing Facility Lab High Voltage Impulse Generator 01
Current Injector upto 1200 Amp 01
High Voltage Variable supply upto 150 kV for Insulation testing 01
High Voltage Probes capable of measuring steady state and impulse voltage 02
Micro-Ohm Meter 02
Three Phase Power Analyzer -- Fluke 435 01
Megger for Insulation 02
Isolated Channel Oscilloscope 01
Control Systems Lab Distance Protection Setup 01
Scale Plant Test Benches 01
Digitial Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators and Power Supplies 12 sets
Siemens PLCs 05
Power Systems Lab Relay Test Set 01
Progamable Relays 10
Computer Systems Lab Desktop, i7, Dell branded Systems with Matlab, LabView, Power World Simulator, PSSE and PSCAD 60
Electric Machine Drive Lab Motor & Motor Drives , Low to High Voltage level 1 Lot
Wireless Communication Lab 26 GHz Test and Measurement 1 Lot

Lab Name Equipment Quantity
Universal Testing Machine 02
Charping Testing Machine 01
Brinell Hardness Testing Machine 01
Rockwell Testing Thick and Thin Cylinder 01
Gauge Pressure Tester 01
3 Wheel Test Bench 01
4 Wheel Chassis Dynamometer 01
Test Bench Dynamometer 01
Gas Analyzer Gas? 01
Thermal Conductivity apparatus 01

Lab Name Equipment Quantity
AI and Robotics Lab Mitsubishi multi-axis Industrial Robot 01
Automation Lab NICompactRIO with Different Modules and Lab VIEW 04
Automation Lab NI myRIO Modules with LabVIEW 15
Control and Instrumentation Lab AI and Robotics Lab Data Acquisition Cards with Motor Drives 10

Lab Name Equipment Quantity
Universal Testing Machine (UTM) Portable Ultrasonic 01
Non-Destructive indication Testing (PUNDIT) 01
Schmidt Rebound hammer (L-Type) Block 01
Punch/Shear Tester (VISHAY) 01
Strain indicator Recorder 01
Slake durability Tester for Rocks 01
Point Load testing apparatus 01
Froth Floatation Machine 01
Coal and Mineral Jig 01
Shaking Table 01
Spirals 01
Magnetic Separator 01
Hard Groove Grim ability Index 01
Sieve Shaker and Sieves 01
Wash ability Apparatus for Coal and Minerals 01
Centrifugal Hydro Classifier 01
Total Station 01
Theodolite 01
Level (Auto) 01

Lab Name Equipment Quantity
XRD Lab X-ray Diffractometer 50
AFM lab Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) 01
Raman Lab Raman Spectrometer 01
SEM Lab. (Laser & Optronics Research Centre) SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) 01
Four probe Lab. (Laser & Optronics Research Centre) Electrical Conductivity Measurements (By Four Probe Method) 01

Lab Name Equipment Quantity
Polymer Characterization Lab Fourier Transformation Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) 01
Elemental Combustion Analyzer 01
Universal Testing Machine (UTM) 01
Universal Testing Machine (UTM) 01
Surface Area and pore Size Analyzer 01
Automatic Density Analyzer 01
Automatic Density Analyzer 01
Brabender Measuring Mixer 01
UV Analyzer 01
UV Analyzer 01
Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analyzer (DMTA) 01
Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) 01
Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) 01
Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA) 01
Polymer Processing and Application Lab Injection Molding Machine 01
Recycling Extruder 01
Shredder 01
Extrusion Blow Molding 01
Mechanical Neck Cutter 01
Sealing Sizing and Cutting Machine 01
Extrusion Blown Film Machine Upward 01
Extrusion Blown Film Machine Downward 01
Polymer Composite Lab Vacuum Drying Oven 01
Moving Die Rheometer 01
HDT/VICAT Apparatus 01
IzodCharpy Impact Tester 01
Abrasion Testing Machine 01
Microwave Oven 01
Furnace 01
Vertical Injection Molding Machine 01
Lab Scale Press 01
Vertical Injection Molding Machine 01
Hydraulic Press 01
Polymer Testing and Analysis Lab Spectrophotometer 01
Melt Flow Index (MFI) 01
Melting Point Apparatus 01
Impact Tester 01
Flame Photometer 01
Flow Meter 01
Potentiostat 01
Moisture Meter 01
Tera Ohm Meter 01
Hardness Meter 01
Rheometer 01
Rubber Compounding Lab Two Roll Mill 01
Profile Extruder 01
Autoclave 01
Mixer 01
Hydraulic Press Steam Press 01
Batch Polymerization Reactor 01
Polymer Structure and Synthesis Lab Liquid—Liquid Extraction Unit 01
Circulating Pump Training Panel 01
Water Bath 01
Furnace 01
Drying Oven 01
Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer 01
Batch Polymerization Reactor 01
Distillation Column 01
Heat Exchanger Trainer 01
Hydraulic Bench Apparatus 01
Loss in Pipe System and Fittings 01
Polymer Pilot Plant HPDE Pipe Extruder 01
Rubber Extruder 01
Ball Mill 01
Hydraulic Pressure Pump 01
Wire Coating Extruder 01
Mixer 01
Magnetic Separator 01
Internal Mixer 01

Lab Name
High Performance Computing and Networking Lab (HPCNL)
Wireless Systems Research Lab (WSRL)
Software Systems Research Lab (SSRL)
Computer Vision and Machine Learning Lab (CVML)
UET Game Studio (UGS)
Embeded Systems & Enterprise Software Solutions Lab (ESESSL)
Next-Generation Wireless Networking Lab (NWNL)
Bioinformatics Research Lab (BRL)
Alternate Energy Research and Innovation Lab (AERIL)
IOT Research and Innovation Lab (IRIL)
Radio Frequency Research Lab (RFRL)
Data Science Lab (DSL)
University Management System (UMS) Lab
Center for System Simulation and Visual Analytics Research (C-SVAR)
Industrial Automation and Control Lab (IACL)
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Lab (EECL)
Artificial Inteligence Research Lab (AIRL)
Motion Control Lab (MCL)
School of Media Studies
CERAD Innovation Lab (CIL)