Sr.No. PI Name Title of Project Funding Agency Funding Amount ( Million) Date of Approval
1 Waqar Mahmood Design and Development of an Automatic, Robotized and Portable Cleaning System for Solar Photovoltaic Plants HEC/TDF 1.88 02-Oct-2018
2 Muhammad Usman Ghani Khan VR Based Neurogaming for Mindfulness in Children and ADHD Patients HEC/TDF 4.79 07-Sep-2018
3 Tania Habib Local Language Speech Interfaces for Banking Sector of Pakistan HEC/TDF 4.04 07-Sep-2018
4 Khurshid Aslam Bhatti Energy Extraction by Safe Disposal of Municipal Waste Using Nanotechnology HEC/TDF 6.60 07-Sep-2018
5 Tahir Izhar Gadget (Testbench) Development for Water Pump/Agricultural Tubewell Energy Efficiency Measurement and Improvement HEC/TDF 5.99 03-Sep-2018
6 Maria Idrees Production of Special Cement Incorporating Polymer Additives for High Performance Application HEC/TDF 10.93 09-May-2018
7 Muhammad Mohsin Sustainable, Water, Chemical and Cost-Efficient Textile Bleaching HEC/TDF 6.65 09-May-2018
8 Sarmad Hussain Automatic Pakistani Postal Addresses Recognition and Parcel Routing HEC/TDF 4.62 09-May-2018
9 Waqar Mahmood Design and Development of Capacity Tester for Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Batteries as Per IEEE Standard 1188 HEC/TDF 1.41 09-May-2018


Sr.No. PI Name Title of Project Funding Agency Funding Amount ( Million) Date of Approval
1 Waseem Muhammad Drought and Agricultural Production Nexuses in Punjab: Historical Patterns, Spatiotemporal Variability and Probabilistic Projection HEC/NRPU 2.64 12-Nov-2018
2 Asif Nadeem Tabish Flood Water Tratment through Electrolysis HEC/NRPU 3.14 12-Nov-2018
3 Ghalib Asadullah Shah Hybrid Power Monitoring and Control System HEC/NRPU 3.19 23-Oct-2018
4 Muhammad Asim Way to Achieving Resillience: Social Impact Assessment of Flood Disaster Effected Communities in Southern Punjab HEC/NRPU 1.04 16-Oct-2018
5 Safeer Abbas Mitigation of Alkali-Silica Reaction in Concrete Structures using Waste Materials: a Sustainable Approach HEC/NRPU 4.50 26-Sep-2018
6 Muhammad Zubair Abu Bakar Evaluation of the Effects of Varyring Impeller Hardness and Material on Icpc Rock Abrasivity Test HEC/NRPU 2.08 02-Jun-2018
7 Sajjad Ahmad Design and Development of Balanol based New Anti-Cancer Drugs Using One-Pot Tandem Process HEC/NRPU 3.51 07-Jun-2018
8 Waqar Mahmood Implementation of Optimal Energy Consumption and Distributed Energy Generation Strategy HEC/NRPU 8.84 21-Jun-2018


Sr.No. PI Name Title of Project Funding Agency Funding Amount ( Million) Date of Approval
1 Maria Idrees Exploring Different Polymers as the Concrete Additives HEC/SRGP 0.44 27-Sep-2018
2 Sajid Iqbal Foundational Platform for Investigating Nonlinear Dynamics in Physical Systems HEC/SRGP 0.41 27-Sep-2018
3 Dr. Aashir Waleed Low Cost 3D Nanostructured Devices for Energy Efficient biomedical applications HEC/SRGP 0.49 03-May-2018
4 Ali Hussain Kazim Waste heat recovery from automobiles using tandem solid-liquid thermoelectric HEC/SRGP 0.39 06-Apr-2018


Sr.No. PI Name Title of Project Funding Agency Funding Amount ( Million) Date of Approval
1 Dr. Sajjad H. Sheikh Mechanical Type Wastewater Treatment Plant for RECP Tayyip Erdogan hospital Public Health Engineering Division Muzafargarh 0.66 09-Mar-2018
2 Dr. Usman Ghani Synthesizing Input data for primitive Types in Embedded C Programs National Engineering & Scientific Commission 0.15 23-Feb-2018
3 Dr. Maria Idrees Effect of Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCM) on Calcium Aluminates Cements (CAC) Mortars at different Curing Temperatures Pak Turk Researchers Mobility Grant Program (Phase-I) 1.85 24-Jan-2018
4 Dr. Tauseef Aized Experimental Investigations of ICT-enabled robotized manufacturing system with 3-D Printing Pak Turk Researchers Mobility Grant Program (Phase-I) 2.22 24-Jan-2018
5 Dr Fazal Ahmad Khalid Key Technologies and application foundation for ultrasonic processing of soft and brittle composites structure with large-scale complex profile National Natural Science Foundation China 4.18 22-Nov-2017
6 Naveed Ramzan Sponsorship for Establishment of State of the art Fuel/Gas Analysis lab at the Department of Chemical engineering, University of Engineering and Technology Lahore SNGPL 15.00 07-Sep-2018


Sr.No. Center Name Lab Name Funding Agency Funding Amount ( Million) Date of Approval
1 National Centre of Artificial Intelligence (NCAI) Intelligent Criminology Lab HEC/PC1 97.55 13-Jun-2018
2 National Centre in Cyber Security (NCCS) IOT Security Lab HEC/PC1 96.10 13-Jun-2018
3 National Centre in Robotics and Automation (NCRA) Human Centered Robotics Lab HEC/PC1 14-Jun-2018
4 National Centre in Big Data and Cloud Computing (NCBC) Language Engineering Lab HEC/PC1 72.42 25-Jun-2018